The Story of River Ganga

River Ganga is considered as a holy river in India, especially by the Hindus. Peapole release the ashes od their beloved ones who die in the Ganga so that their souls attain salvation. Today the river has becomes a cause of environmental concern of hte increasing pollution. This is a story of a little boy who wanted to find out why the ganga is considered to be a holy river.

I remember mother saying that salvation is the rest of the soulafter death added Ishaan. According to legends the Ganga was in heaven but was brought down to earth and thi made it a holy river. Long long ago there lived a king, Sagara in Ayodhya who had two wives. Kesini was his first wife and they had a son, Asamanjas. But he was very cruel. However Kesini grandson Anshuman was kind and brave said the grandmother.

Sumati was the second wife and she had sixty thousand sons. But they were very proud and were not liked by the people continued the grandmother. KIng Sagara became very trrong and powerful. He had a huge empire. But the wanted to establish the boundary of his empire and tell people who was the king of the land so that they would not be confused.
To do this KIng Sagara performed an aswamedha yagya. He selected a good horse from his stables and let him trot where ever he wanted to go. Intrested Ishaan asked what would happen if someone stopped the horse. Stopping the hourse meant challenging the king's authority and a fight would start. But anyone who let the hourse pass would be protected by the king. however the gods were unhappy with the sixty thousand sons of king Sagara as they were very crule. The Gods felt that the world would be a better place without them. So indra the king of Gods come down to the earth disguised as a demon. He stole the hourse and hid it said the grandmother.

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